Building members into a united, well informed and mobilized force of change

The main activities of the Unity Club include organizing the national leadership forum, spearheading campaigns for values it stands for (unity, family, etc); and organizing social activities for members to maintain their cohesion and team spirit and express solidarity to one another.


As part of our mission to enhance unity and peace among Rwandans, all our work falls under 4 main objectives.

To contribute to the promotion of unity among Rwandans and social development in general

To bring together former, current cabinet members and their spouses to build a better Rwanda through sharing and interaction

To continually foster collaboration and create a platform for open dialogue and unity among members

To advocate for the social-economic wellbeing of the vulnerable groups in general with particular focus on orphans and widows.

To Contribute to the empowerment of Rwandan women and promote gender equality.

To Promote collaboration with development partners.

More About Us

Who We Are

Learn about the Unity Club's story, Vision and Mission and, the Club's Uniqueness.

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Our Structure

Learn about the organs of the Unity Club, members of the executive committee and the different commissions that are part of the Club.

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Our Impact

Learn about the various projects the Unity Club has completed over the years and how much they have impacted the Rwandan Community.

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Our Terminologies

Learn about the different terminologies used when addressing the different members and beneficiaries of the Unity Club.

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