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Welcome to the January 2021 Issue of our Newsletter. This issue highlights activities made in the last quarter. We thank you for your continued readership.

“Ndi Umunyarwanda, the fundamental idea of our own being.”

October 2020: The month dedicated to promotion of unity and reconciliation - Unity Club Intwararumuri played a vital role in different conversations teaching unity and reconciliation

              Mme Régine IYAMUREMYE, The Executive Secretary of Unity Club Intwararumuri

Rwandans are used to that the month of October of each year is dedicated to promoting unity and reconciliation activities in the entire country.

For this reason, the theme of campaigning unity and reconciliation month of the year 2020 was “Dufatanyije twubake u Rwanda ruzira amacakubiri n’ivangura” loosely translated as, “Inclusively, let’s build Rwanda which is free of division ideology”

The activities of the month dedicated to promoting unity and reconciliation intend to give the opportunity to Rwandans to celebrate the achievements made in unity and reconciliation, and to analyze together whatever may ignite divisions where they live and work, then they fight against it together and take measures of fostering unity and reconciliation. Taking into consideration the covid-19 measures set to prevent its spread, meetings, messages, and more activities were only possible virtually. Read more

The contribution of Unity Club Intwararumuri in constructing total unity among Rwandans

                       Hon. Marie Solange KAYISIRE, The 2nd Vice Chairperson of Unity Club

Via Igorora programmes presented on the Radio Rwanda in November, Unity Club members and beneficiaries explained the role that Unity Club plays in constructing lasting unity among Rwandans.

Unity Club Intwararumuri was created by First lady Jeannette Kagame in 1996, and embodies former and current Government members and their spouses; it intends “to plant the culture of unity and peace ― the pillars of sustainable development.”

Through the Igorora programme presented on 20th October 2020 on the Radio Rwanda, Hon. Marie Solange KAYISIRE, the 2nd vice chairperson of Unity Club clarified how the activities of the club encourage the Ndi Umunyarwanda campaign.

He said, "The activities of unity club Intwararumuri foster the idea of "Ndi Umunyarwanda". They align with its aims, namely; encouraging unity, the culture of peace among Rwandans and being together in the process of building  our country by looking back on our history, then on our achievements as well as looking ahead to the future, and most importantly; all of us together. Read more

31 October 2020, the 13th annual forum of Unity Club Intwararumuri took place

In the partnership of Unity Club Intwararumuri and National Unity and Reconciliation Commission, on 31 October 2020 held 13th annual forum of Unity Club Intwararumuri at parliament under the theme, “Ndi Umunyarwanda: Igitekerezo-ngenga cy’Ukubaho kwacu” loosely translated as “I am Rwandan”, the fundamental idea of our own being.

Opening the forum, the chairperson of Unity Club Intwararumuri, Her Excellency Madam Jeannette Kagame, revealed how those who don’t wish well for Rwanda raise their noises whenever Rwandans are getting along and making steps forward.

Her Excellency Jeannette Kagame expressed her gratitude to the forum attendants, who attended in the tough time of containing Covid-19 plague, and added that, in this time of fighting against coronavirus, the power of prioritizing the unity of Rwandans is vital as it enables to grapple with hard times. Read more

On 06th November 2020, Unity Club Intwararumuri annual retreat held at parliament

HE Madam Jeannette KAGAME, The Chairperson of Unity Club Intwararumuri

Referring to the theme: Imiyoborere Intwararumuri twahisemo, kugena no kwesa Imihigo, loosely translated as the Intwararumuri governance lines: setting and achieving goals and objectives, on 6th November 2020, the annual retreat of Unity Club Intwararumuri took place at the parliament – Kimihurura.

While opening the retreat officially, the chairperson of Unity Club Intwararumuri, her excellence Jeannette Kagame urged the members of Unity Club to not tolerate the toxic ideas that may destroy our Rwandanism.  

Her excellence Jeannette Kagame told the Unity Club members that they never have to allow any ideas intending to demolish what Rwandans have achieved so far, instead they have to put Rwandan identity first by performing their duties to the best of their abilities to reach sustainable development for all. Read more

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